”experimenting is the key to failing and learning”

An assignment for a product design course was to design a new kind of grabber. The grabber was to be somehow better than the existing ones, whether in terms of quality, sustainability, ergonomics, holding power or aesthetics.

Using nature as a source of inspiration and approaching the project with an experimental mindset, our aim was to create something flexible and pliable from a hard material. How do the octopus’ tentacles or the leaves of the fern actually work and how could we mimic their movement in our grabber?

We utilized pneumatics technology to build up the gripping force and to enable the frame movement. By pressing a button on the grabber’s handle pressure is transmitted to a reservoir. With the help of a regulating valve, pressure can be moved in two directions thus controlling the opening and closing mechanism.

The handle is 3D printed with a metal pipe on the inside. The tentacle-like “arm” is made with a silicone mold.

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