robobus graphics 

”getting people closer to experiencing new technology”

The aim of this graphic design project was to make new technology approachable with the use of colors and composition, while following the style guide of Helsinki city.


We wanted to create face-like features with zig-zag lines that flow like hair from the bus’s “forehead” to the sides. The possibility to draw on the windows with water-soluble markers brings playfulness to the concept.

During the design process we especially considered factors related to security and the bus’s technology, such as visibility from the windows and functioning of the sensors.

The robobus will operate until November in the Kalasatama area with HSL ID number 26R. For more information on timetables and routes visit

Bloft Design Lab

c/o Metropolia TKI-palvelut

Hämeentie 135 D

00560, Helsinki, Finland

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